Food Photography Trends

Top Food Photography Trends

Food photography is a rising career option in the recent times. Owing to its rising popularity, more youngsters & millennials are opting for food photography as a reliable career perspective. As such, we observe several new trends in the food photography industry emerge every year. In the upcoming years, we will observe more food photography trends coming up that will change the way we look at food photography.

On the verge of setting themselves apart, bloggers, photographers, and several high-end brands are aimed at presenting more than just a beautifully served-out dish. The customers and viewers are looking beyond the scope of the plate and wish to see a proper story around it. Right from emphasis on more lighting to making use of animated GIFs, the world of food photography is growing by leaps & bounds. Here are some of the top food photography trends that you must look out for in the coming times:

  • Telling a Story: In the coming times, the audience will observe a rise in the number of images that tell a story about coming up with the most delicious foods. For instance, photographing a food table can tell a complete story through the use of foods, props, and people around and could place the audience in a completely different world. Even an individual dish that has been photographed with thoughtfully placed props can help in telling a story about the food that has been prepare & served.
  • Experimenting with Lighting: The use of soft, diffused lighting has been dominating the food photography industry for over a decade now. Irrespective of the type of food or mood, everything until now had been photographed with the use of soft lighting. When it comes to food photography, soft lighting implies that you can capture all the details –even the ones reflecting the deepest shadows & blown-out highlights. Owing to the importance of lighting in food photography, more experimental lighting techniques have starting making appearance in the scene and getting more attention from the professional photographers Sydney.
  • Creating Animated GIFs: Animated GIFs have started entering the food photography mainstream. By using this photography trend, Instagram has allowed its users to include a 15-second motion animation into the stream. They mostly reflect one or more elements in some action loop as the rest of the image remains still. Animated GIFs are also used for showing stop motion. This serves to be an ideal strategy for presenting “how-to” photography skills as each recipe can be set in a different frame.
  • Going Old School: Tall glass jars, wooden boards, copper utensils, and other acoustic food presentation items have been lately used in food photography skills. These old school items or props that are used help a lot in modifying the overall quality of the food images and enhancing your food photography profile effectively.

Make use of the latest food photography trends to enhance your photography skills & talent effortlessly.

Top Surefire Ways to Attract People to Your Wedding Photography Booth

Weddings are quite fun! With all the delicious items out there on the platter, one thing that attracts the guests the most is the wedding photography booth. The awe-inspiring wedding photography booths are nowadays becoming a norm in every wedding. Wedding organizers find it quite trendy to include fun-filled wedding photo booths at weddings to entertain the guests to their fullest.

If you happen to be a professional wedding photographer Essex, it is your ultimate aim to draw as many as guests possible to the wedding photo booth. For your help, we have devised some creative ideas and useful ways to help you attract more people to your wedding photography booth. Here are some:

  • Make the Photography Space Inviting: There is no denying the fact that the wedding guests will only be attracted to the most inviting space for taking out beautiful wedding photographs. Therefore, it is essential to convert your otherwise boring wedding photo booth into a lot more welcoming space by including some modifications in the same. To make your wedding photo booth stand out in the crowd, transform your booth into a welcoming, cozy space that offers the assurance of the best photographs ever.
Love decorations at recent essex wedding
Love decorations at recent essex wedding

Image provided by: ©david dean photography 

For instance, you can make use of lavish couches, luxe rugs, soft lighting, linen-covered tables, plants, music, candles, and so more to enhance the overall looks of your booth. Moreover, with the help of some creative props as well, you can amplify the appearance of your wedding photo booth to make it more enticing. If it is hot outside, then you can consider installing a mini air-conditioner in your booth to make it more comfortable for the guests to enjoy some quality photography time.

  • Install a Proper Sitting Area: It is quite common for the wedding guests to get tired easily. As they keep walking around the wedding venue for too long, you can offer them a proper sitting space in your wedding photo booth to help them relax and give their best shots. You can place benches, chairs, or even bean bags for the ultimate entertainment of the children at the wedding. To enhance the available space, you can put up albums of your photography work nearby the sitting area such that the wedding guests can have a look at your photography skills. This trick can turn out to be useful in the long run.
  • Offer Freebies: Freebies are indeed to lure in most of the wedding guests in your wedding photo booth. You can put up anything on the freebie –right from your contact number to brand logo for promoting your wedding photography skills. Some of the creative ideas for freebies on your wedding photo booth include a designer, paper fan with your brand logo on it to help the guests beat the heat of the day or a small, cute pouch or bag with your brand logo to help the guests store smaller items inside it.

Make the most of your wedding photography booth! Many photographers will also provide other photoshoot services too.